The Best Hair Salon Style For You 

You would go to a hair salon lake oswego to have your hair cut, colored, and curled, anything that would make you feel beautiful. At times, the other way gets in. You get a haircut that is not something you thought it would be, yes, it’s been competently done, but there’s somehow ‘off’ about. If that’s the case, it’s possible that could be haircut simply isn’t best right to your face shape.  

Hair Salon Style 

It can be somehow deflating when you try with a new look and only to find out that it is not as Instagrammable like you expect it would be. But there are still never-ending styling options to compliment any face shape; interpret yours as well as discover what is the best cut that suits you. 

Heart-shaped faces Best hairstyles  

This time Heart-shaped faces for wide cheekbones and foreheads, narrowing down to a much-defined jawline as well as smaller chin. Fashion the daydream of a slightly fuller and softer jawline using a hairstyle that the body is close down to the bottom half of your face. You can also try to balance the wider forehead with side-sweeping fringe. 

Best hairstyles for square faces 

Distinct strong jawline and square chin, square faces are usually characterized by the fact that the forehead, cheekbones and jawline are the same width. With this kind face shape, choose for a style that falls at the chin; like an angled bob. A softer hairstyle will always offset the sharpness that’s associated with square face shapes. 

Hairstyles for oval faces 

Oval-faced individuals are considered to have the most versatile shape that suit many cuts, by that being said, you can be creative when getting your new hairstyle.  If you have an oval face then you surely pull off bold hairstyles, and if you happen to have a short at the same time straight hair then the classic pixie cut could be the best option for you.  

Long faces Best hairstyles  

This means, not very angular and narrow, the length is longer compare to its width; you’ve got a face with long shape. In this type, it is better to avoid any sort of volume or height on top of your head as it will not look hat appealing and elongate your face further.  Fringes work so well for you. In addition, if you are not a fringes’ fan then you could maintain texture and body on either of the side in order to balance out the long face. 

Round Faces Best hairstyles  

Round faces are mostly widest at the cheeks, width and length that are the same, the jawline is rounder and softer. If you have a round face, cropped styles are actually workable for you. Another is the long bob. Round faces are also able to pull off longer hairstyles. Go for soft, side-sweeping fringes. 

Whatever the face shape you have, you just need to pull your hair style off, walk with confidence knowing that you are beautiful in own special way. 


Tips in Deep Cleaning Your House 

It is imperative that our house is clean. It is where we live in and with a dirty house, it could become the perfect place for germs to spread and not the good kind. It is said that our house is a reflection of our soul. Whether it’s true or not coming back to a clean home after a grueling day at work is nice and relaxing. The following are tips to do a deep clean of your house and make everything squeaky clean. 

Deep Cleaning

  • It is easier to do a thorough deep cleaning when your house is cleared away of its clutter. So, before you start your cleaning challenge clear away the clutter that is littered all over the floor. Just imagine you are doing carpet cleaning and in every square foot you have to stop and pick up something on the floor that could become frustrating very fast. 
  • Success comes with planning, so take the time to make a plan on how you will tackle your cleaning project as systematically as you could. Deep cleaning your home doesn’t even mean you got to do it in one weekend. Also, make sure to have all the supplies you need for the cleaning project. Going back and forth in the store when you realized you didn’t have a sponge can get old pretty fast.  
  • When you are cleaning your bathroom make sure to scrub every available surface you can. You can even put a multipurpose cleaner beforehand so it will have time to soak and by the time you are going to scrub it clean it can be removed easily. Don’t forget the nooks and crannies.  
  • When you moved to the kitchen make sure to wipe down cabinets with a damp rug. You also need to clean the fridge and clean it well. Make sure to throw out the sponges that have seen better days. The stove top the oven should also be cleaned well. If you could disinfect everything in the kitchen.  
  • When it comes to the common areas, you will need to vacuum a lot; underneath the couches the nooks and crannies of all the chairs. You can also shampoo your rugs and carpets but the steam cleaner works fine too. Make sure dusts is wiped down that includes the light fixtures in the house and the base of windows. 
  • For the bedroom you’ll need to wash your bed sheets, blankets, comforters and other covers. The mattress should also be freshen up by using baking soda on top for 45 minutes and then vacuum away. It is important to dust under every surfaces in the home, because even if it’s not easily seen with the eyes, you can feel the dust in the air.  

Deep cleaning your house is not just a responsibility but a kindness to yourself. It knowing what to do and doing it even if you don’t like it as much. So, a clean house means a happier self. 



People might not consider having a hardwood flooring for their floors but still a lot of older ones are still choosing this kind of type. Some are thinking about the look and the structure of it. It would be easier to clean and to renovate if needed. Hardwood flooring installation could be difficult if you don’t know the basic of putting it. Still, you can hire someone to make sure that everything is under control. There are reasons why many people would still prefer to use this kind of flooring to their homes.   


  • IT GIVES GOOD AMBIANCE TO YOUR HOUSE: Going to have this one is a very nice choice as it gives elegance and good ambiance to your home. They are thinking that using this type will give a place a larger space area.  
  • VERSATILITY: One of the best features of using hardwood flooring is the versatility of it. It doesn’t change when it comes to being the ideal one of many people. They would still prefer having this kind of covering to their floors as it can connect to the theme of the house and you may choose a different color that will match to your ideal structure.  
  • LOW-COST MAINTENANCE: One of the reasons why still many would prefer this one is that the maintenance would not be a pricey one. It is easy to clean and maintain the good structure of it.  
  • DURABILITY TESTED: It is a common thing that a floor even tiles types can be easily scratched or damaged but for this kind of flooring, it takes an effort to do that. Most of the people having this kind said that it lasts longer than any others.  
  • BETTER FOR REDUCING THE VIBRATIONS: It is also a good choice for those working at home. It reduces the sound coming from the vibrations and echo sounds.  
  • GOOD AIR-FLOW: It doesn’t trap the air flow inside the house because of the composition of the materials in the hardwood flooring.  
  • LAST LONGER: Because of the good quality, it can be used for a longer time. You don’t need to buy a device or machine just to make sure that it will be very cleaned. Unlike for others that you need to use a vacuum to clean it.  
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: It doesn’t harm the ecology as well. They are coming from trees and we all know that trees can grow again if you cut them. 
  • GOOD VALUE: It will give additional value to the price of the house.  
  • COLOR CAN LAST LONGER: IT doesn’t fade easily, so it means the color will stay there for a longer time.  
  • NATURAL DESIGN AND PATTERNS: The patterns are naturally created. It gives a wonderful effect to the overall view of your house.  
  • REFINISHED IT: You don’t need to change it when it becomes unsustainable. You can just refinished it and you can now save more money.